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ShieldIt has its origins in a commercial building site cleaning company, when the founders saw first-hand the routine damage brand new surfaces incur – during construction and on the eve of a handover – at a time when everybody is trying to get things done.

Now more than a decade in, ShieldIt both sells and installs temporary protection products and services. The team has seen it all when it comes to protecting commercial construction site surfaces and we take particular pride in coming up with the best solution for your protection job.

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What ShieldIt Does

We help commercial builders get more happy customers, get done and dusted on time and on budget. ShieldIt frees you to get on with the next project.

It’s all about the surfaces

Your customers don’t see the quality of your structural columns, beams and girders. They see the freshly painted walls, clean windows, gleaming countertops and unblemished carpets. To your customers, it’s surfaces, surfaces, surfaces…

Put an end to the niggly bits

There’s nothing worse than recalls for dents, scratches, scrapes and paint stains… it costs you and your customer time, money, reputation and peace of mind. ShieldIt helps make sure everybody is happy with the finish.

If you interested in having a career in Surface Protection and want to join our team please email [email protected]

Our Projects.

ShieldIt has an excellent track record in the commercial construction industry, having provided temporary surface protection for everything from apartment builds, retirement villages and office spaces to schools and residential homes.